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Rumor: Notion Ink Adam to Start Preorders Tomorrow

December 8, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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Today, the Notion Ink blog prepped us all for tomorrow’s big reveal. A while back my colleague Chris reported a rumor that reveal might be the Notion Ink Adam launching on December 9th, based on a binary countdown clock on the website homepage. Given that the Adam just passed through the FCC testing and is only on mass production, tomorrow seems a pretty unreasonable launch date. However, given that last week’s Notion Ink blog teased pre-orders, it is far more likely that tomorrow’s end to the countdown will open up the pre-order process, and possibly give a firm launch date for the Adam.

For those wondering about the title of today’s Notion Ink blog “1.61803399″. That number is the Golden Ratio, which is a bit of an obsession with Rohan Shravan, CEO of Notion Ink. He has used the Golden Ratio a couple times in the design of the Adam, including the screen (he says 16:9 is closer to the Golden Ratio than 4:3), and in the signature curve of the handle edge of the Adam.

Keep in mind that Rohan Shravan said in the blog that pre-orders will continue for “a long time”, but if you want priority, you need to leave a comment on the Notion Ink blog.