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RIM buys The Astonishing Tribe, Android world softly weeps

December 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Astonishing Tribe is responsible for some amazing concepts that people have salivated over, anxiously awaiting when we might see them pop-up in Android. We may be waiting for quite a while because RIM has acquired the Swedish design house.

RIM announced today on its BlackBerry blog that it has acquired TAT and the team will join RIM for working on its PlayBook tablet and improve the BlackBerry OS. RIM has been under criticism for failing to innovate its UI, but I doubt that will be much of a problem now.

BlackBerry’s gain sadly comes at Android’s expense. We’ve covered TAT concepts in the past and hoped to see some of them appear on Android this year. Comments made by TAT co-founder on the Engadget Show weeks ago, and a brief conversation I had with a TAT team member, led me to believe we’d see something great from TAT next year. Looks like we will, but for RIM products.