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Notion Ink Reveals Adam Digitizer Feature, and More About Eve

December 9, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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Notion Ink Adam

If you are like me, you already know just about everything in regards to the Notion Ink Adam, so when Rohan decides it’s time to reveal new features, it’s extra exciting. Andrew has already cataloged the reveals in today’s Notion Ink blog concerning the pre-order and pricing, but my eyes were drawn to two other reveals in the post.

First, is the “Digitizer” feature, which Rohan has just unveiled. This feature effectively makes your Adam into a wireless Wacom tablet for any computer. Using the digitizer feature, you can use the Adam and its 10″ touchscreen to draw, or sketch, or simply use it as a giant touchpad mouse, or even as a keyboard. Personally, I want to try out this feature while using the ShapeWriter keyboard, to see if I really am just as fast with that keyboard as with traditional two hand typing.

The second piece of information wasn’t so much a reveal as a much more telling hint than we’ve seen before. There has always been mention of the mysterious “Eve” product, which was only referred to as a “companion to Adam”. Today, Rohan said that NFC chips would be awkward on the Adam because of the size, but he confirmed that “Eve will have NFC and will use it for more than we know its used for!” This makes it much more clear that the Eve will be a handheld device. Whether Eve will be a full fledged phone, or a handheld tablet is still yet to be seen.

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