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Notion Ink Adam costs $375 – $549, gets lengthy detail on many versions

December 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka


Notion Ink Adam coming December 9th?

The rumors have been somewhat confirmed as Notion Ink has revealed it’s pre-order plans and given a detailed explanation of its upcoming Android tablet. Notion Ink has teased this day in recent weeks and managed to keep hype boiling over long enough for the year-in-the-making tablet to finally get some hard dates and prices.

The basic version of the Adam has been lowered to cost $375.33 for the Wi-Fi only, LCD tablet. Consumers can opt to get a 3G version for $425.33, a Pixel Qi with Wi-Fi version for $499.45, or a Pixel Qi with 3G version for $549. Prices are standard in all countries.

Adam runs Android 2.2, but Notion Ink says users shouldn’t be too concerned about that because its device is advanced and contains many of the very things that Gingerbread or Honeycomb would bring to the table. There’s a long list of features explained in detail in a lengthy blog post, but the main arguments essentially boil down to this:

  • Open GL that works well with NVidia’s Tegra 250 SoC, and OpenSL is forthcoming.
  • SIP/VOIP calling support is built-in
  • A Multi-touch keyboard has been custom-built for this device to improve typing.
  • Honeycomb offers “Views within views” and so does Notion Ink’s tablet. There is a custom UI called Eden that powers the device, and it features a panels and windows system that is optimized for a tablet device.

There is muuuchhh more in the blog post, so give it a read and place your order if you like what you see. Keep in mind that the people who commented on the company’s blog yesterday will be given first access, but orders will open to the general public on December 10, 2010 at Midnight IST (GMT + 5:30).

Thanks, RealRiley