Nexus S rooted in less time than it takes to read this headline

December 16, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android Hacks


The Nexus S debuted officially today, and its a really good phone by most accounts. But like so many Android phones before it, the Nexus S has already been rooted within the short period following its release.

Koush, a member of the XDA Developers Forum, reported that he managed to root the Nexus S and provided a list of instructions to guide users through the process. It was quick work to get the device rooted before most users have even had a chance to fully play around with the phone, but even phones that were tougher to crack were rooted fairly quickly.

Non-Nexus S owners have reason to cheer from today’s events because a complete system dump of the device has been extracted from the Nexus S. That means ROM developers will be able to play around with it and build ROM’s for your myTouch 4G, Vibrant, or various other phones.

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