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Nexus S receives first OTA update — use a trick to update now

December 22, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Samsung Nexus S

Nexus S

All lucky official Gingerbread users out there will see an update to their shiny new Nexus S’s. Don’t expect too much though as the update is only a small 1.9MB.

It looks like the update fixes a few bugs and also includes the udpated Google Maps application, as if you couldn’t get that from the Market anyways. The build number will jump from GRH55 to GRH75 and the version number will officially be 2.3.1. Early reports suggest that it isn’t pushing to everyone’s phone as it seems to be rolling out slowly, but there is a little trick that may work on your Nexus S to get it now.

This is via Engadget:

By the way, it appears that the “checkin” trick is actually working to force this update (it usually doesn’t). Just dial *#*#checkin#*#* from the dialer and you should get the update notification. Have fun!

I don’t have a Nexus S so I can’t confirm this to be working, but it’s worth a shot as it has worked before on other Android devices. Let us know how the new update is treating you and if you see any issues.

Via [Engadget]