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Nexus S doesn’t have a SD card slot or LED notifications – do you care? [POLL]

December 7, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Nexus S

Along with the PlayStation Phone, the Nexus S is the most hyped Android phone this fall, and judging from the early reviews, it’s positively a great device.

Google’s Nexus S page went live yesterday, and it does an excellent job explaining the fortes of the first Gingerbread phone: Near Field Communication (NFC), a 4-inch SAMOLED curved glass display, a three-axis gyroscope, dual cameras and not least vanilla Android 2.3, of course.

However, the new Google phone isn’t powered by a dual-core processor as some of us had hoped, but its 1GHz Hummingbird is still the most powerful CPU on currently available mobile devices.

It’s a bit more surprising that the Nexus S lacks two other popular features: a SD card slot and LED notifications – both have basically been standard Android features since the G1.

Sure, the Nexus S comes with 16GB onboard memory and that’s plenty of space for apps, games, movies and music, but that storage could’ve been easily expanded to 48GB with memory card support. Some of us are also relying on LED notifications to see if we have any missed calls or new messages without picking up our phones.

A question to those who planned on making the Nexus S their next Android phone: are these two shortcomings enough to make you not buy the device, or will it not affect your decision?

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