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Nexus S Camera Struts Its Stuff

December 4, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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The Nexus S is teasing us again, this time with some video. It’s full 720p, and is fairly good quality considering the lighting conditions of the scene. The video has obviously been compressed, and the bright light at the top blows out the detail, but the colors are sharp and the low light areas of the video hold quality well. There are a couple dropped frames, but nothing too bad. The sound quality on the recording is fairly good as well. There isn’t a lot of ambient noise to mess with the microphones, but the sound is warm.

There is still no firm date on the Nexus S, but the likelihood is that it will come in tandem or very close to the Gingerbread announcement. Earlier today, we saw what looks like a leak from Notion Ink, outing the Gingerbread release for Monday December 6th.

Here’s the video for as long as it lasts. Keep in mind that last time there were photos leaked from the Nexus S on Picasa, they were taken down very quickly.

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