myn’s TwoPointTwo just makes Sense [ROM Reviews]

December 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



In the past month, I’ve shown video reviews for several apps and wallpapers, but viewers seem to be more interested in learning about the slick elements of the ROM shown in those videos. From the all-black keyboard to the launcher and custom font seen throughout the device, Myn’s Warm TwoPointTwo is a beautiful custom ROM for the HTC EVO that just makes Sense.

TwoPointTwo is a ROM designed for the HTC EVO that also includes a port for the Droid Incredible. Based on a hacked version of Sense UI, it re-themes the interface to have flat backgrounds and smoother lines designed by ManUp. It even includes a blacked-out keyboard that looks good but may cause your accuracy to take a slight decline because the spacing among keys is not clearly-defined.

The changes offered by TwoPointTwo are not just cosmetic. Myn tweaked the device to provide an extra boost of speed in boot time, browsing the web, and general daily use. And if you’ve ever wanted to change the dock bar in Sense, you’ll be happy to know that Rosie Settings allows changing the left, or right button to any app you want.

One of the best features of the ROM is the line of toggle switches available in the notifications menu. Rather than having to go to settings or use a home screen widget whenever you want to turn a feature on or off, the drop-down menu has shortcuts that can toggle the following features: GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Data Connection, Flashlight, and Ringer/Vibrate.

TwoPointTwo comes with several modifications, and there’s support for several more mods for people who want to re-tool the ROM just to their tastes. For all the info on Warm TwoPointTwo, visit the ROM’s thread on XDA.

Download TwoPointTwo

Note: You may notice rapid battery drain after you load this ROM. It may take a few cycles of draining and then re-charging until things return to a respectable length of battery life.