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Motorola Mobility acquires cloud storage/streaming company for MOTOBLUR

December 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Motorola announced today that it has acquired Zecter, the company behind streaming storage service ZumoDrive and media streaming service ZumoCast. Motorola purchased the rights to Zecter’s technology and absorbed its staff for the obvious task importing its software into Moto’s products.

In the announcement, Motorola promises that Zecter will “further enhance” the MOTOBLUR service with wireless syncing and desktop integration. Phones running MOTOBLUR will be able to access user content more easily, and ZumoCast will enable users to listen to music or watch videos relayed from their desktop to the mobile device. ZumoDrive will provide storage of photos, documents, and the like at a moment’s notice.

This is the first big step taken since Motorola Mobility split away to form an independent company. Having a built-in option for wireless sync and media or file sharing service will be another way for Motorola distinguish its products. Zecter has already closed registration and set out to improve ZumoCast/Drive in preparation for the move over to MOTOBLUR products.