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LG and VMWare virtualize Android, create two phones in one

December 7, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android News


Phone maker LG and OS virtualization specialist VMWare have announced a partnership that will bring more enterprise features on end user phones. LG and VMWare have teamed up to create a system that will allow corporations to create secure “Work” profiles on a phone so users will be able to access sensitive data and enterprise functions in one instance, but still have a distinctly personal set-up for off-hours.

Beyond merely changing the home screen profile, virtualization will create an entirely different set-up for installed apps, stored content, and permissions that companies can control whenever an employee enters into their “Work” mode on personal phones. Much like VMWare creates multiple instances of operating systems running on one device, this initiative will allow two instances of Android to take place on one device.

An LG phone could be A Facebook-friendly, tweet-happy, music-playing, personal call-making device from 5 PM – 9 AM, and a business-oriented profile in all other hours of the day. Users of HTC Sense’s “scenes” set-up may be familiar with the concept, but LG and VMWare attempt to take it further by giving companies more “control over their corporate data.”

VMWare CTO Stephen Herrod suggests that this will make companies more flexible in keeping up with new technologies and save money on having to purchase company-issued phones.

“The reality is that today’s employee-owned mobile devices are often more advanced than corporate offerings,” Herrod says in a statement. “As a result, the agile enterprise is looking to embrace new end user computing models that allow users to work on the devices they love.”

LG and VMWare expect to launch this technology in 2011. A Verizon Wireless executive is quoted as saying the carrier is “evaluating ways to help our customers achieve this,” so don’t be surprised if Big Red is among the first carriers to offer it.