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LauncherPro gets updated to v0.8.2, features homescreen looping and a task switcher

December 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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LauncherPro gets updated to v0.8.2

After a long period without any updates because the developer Federico Carnales is rewriting the app from scratch, there’s finally a new release of renowned homescreen replacement LauncherPro. It’s not the brand new, rewritten rendition of the app that users have been waiting for, but version 0.8.2 brings a couple of new cool features nonetheless.

Scrolling past the last screen in LauncherPro can now take you to the first screen and vice versa, a feature Carnales calls “virtual looping”. This option can be enabled from Preferences > Homescreen Settings > Enable virtual looping.

There is also a new feature for Plus users only: a dock pop-up that will show a list of recently launched tasks and apps, similar to a longpress on the Home button. You can take advantage of the new pop-up by longpressing on a shortcut in the dock, selecting Swipe gesture action > Show popup from the resulting menus.

In his release notes, the developer also mentions that he hopes to have the completely rewritten version of LauncherPro ready sometime in January. Head to the Market or the official website to grab the latest release of a great launcher.

Via [LauncherPro]