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Instagram heading to Android

December 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



There’s a popular photo app on the iPhone known as Instagram. It snaps a photo, applies different filters and effects to style the image to the user’s preference, and then beams it online to share with others. It’s a simple set-up that has attracted more than one million members to sign-up for the worldwide service, and that number is only going to increase now that an Android version is coming.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom announced today that the company has reached the million-user milestone in less than three months. He also confirmed to TechCrunch that an Instagram Android app is already being worked on, though he declined to reveal exactly when that will graduate from confirmation to reality. “Android is really important to us, and we know it’s important to lots of people too,” Systrom told TechCrunch.

I’m already perfectly happy styling my photos with Vignette because the only people I want to share photo’s with are on Facebook or Twitter anyway. It’s already very easy for me to snap a photo, filter it, and send it off through whichever Twitter app I’m using at the time. Instagram offers more photo storing and sharing options as it’s designed specifically for photo-sharing community members and can push images to multiple social networks at once. So if you want to upload to Facebook, flickr, and tumblr at the same time, you can. Here’s a quick review of the iPhone version by App Judgment.