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HTC Wildfire getting Froyo update starting now

December 20, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



HTC has been working feverishly this month to keep its promise to deliver Android 2.2 to devices before the year is out. Today, it’s the HTC Wildfire getting a Froyo update.

HTC announced earlier this morning on Facebook that Android 2.2 will be sent to Wildfire users in Europe. The roll-out has already begun with Vodafone UK users getting an update that supports faster speed, installing apps on the SD card, improvements to Exchange, and tethering through WiFi or USB. The update does NOT support Live Wallpapers or Adobe Flash, which should have already been apparent because of processor concerns.

The Wildfire update should reach all areas of the world by February according to the HTC post. Western Europe is first, but there have been no clues as to when other locales like Asia can expect to receive notification. I know several of our readers have been waiting on Froyo, so enjoy the faster speeds and new Chrome to Phone.

via EuroDroid