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Hero of Sparta available FREE today for Android gamers

December 22, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Gameloft is offering another free download for fans of its top-notch 3D games. Having previously provided free copies of the adventure game Dungeon Hunter, Gameloft is running a one-day promotion that will provide free copies of Hero of Sparta to anyone with an Android phone compatible with the device.

Hero of Sparta tells the story of King Argos, a warrior king who must destroy a dark god and the wicked Greeks who worship him. Sparta is a classic journey fighting game with lots of stories, bonus points, and special attacks that can be unlocked. It’s a fun, good-looking game that has proven popular in several formats.

Interested parties can open their phone’s browser and navigate to Then search for the “Limited offer: free download” link and you’ll be able to obtain a free copy of the game. An additional download of game data will also be required, but users will be slashing away in no time once the Wi-Fi connection reappears.

While my previous attempts at purchasing Gameloft games have been so frustrating that I’ve sworn off the company until it distributes the Android Market, I was thankfully able to download Sparta without issue today. Here’s a list of the phones that are compatible:

HTC Google Nexus One
HTC Desire/Bravo
HTC Incredible
HTC Desire Z
HTC desire HD
HTC My touch 4G
Motorola Droid
Motorola Droid X
Motorola Droid 2
Motorola Milestone
Motorola Motoroi
Motorola Milestone 2
Motorola Jordan
Samsung Galaxy S
Samsung Vibrant
Samsung Epic 4G
Samsung Fascinate
Sony Ericsson Xperia X10

For US users: Compatible devices ranked by US carrier:
Sprint: HTC EVO 4G
Sprint: HTC My touch 4G
Sprint: Samsung Epic 4G – Galaxy S
T-Mobile: HTC Desire Z – G2
T-Mobile: Motorola Jordan
T-Mobile: Samsung Vibrant – Galaxy S
Verizon: HTC Incredible
Verizon: Motorola Droid
Verizon: Motorola Droid X
Verizon: Motorola Droid 2
Verizon: Motorola Milestone
Verizon: Motorola Motoroi
Verizon: Motorola Milestone 2
Verizon: Samsung Fascinate – Galaxy S
US Cellular: Samsung Mesmerize – Galaxy S
Various: HTC Google Nexus One
Various: HTC Desire/Bravo
Various: HTC desire HD
Various: Samsung Galaxy S
Various: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10