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Google TV update enhances Netflix, resizes dual view, and improves search

December 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Google TV


An important update is going out to Google TV, bringing with it badly-needed improvements to the Netflix application and enhancements to other areas of GTV.

The Netflix for Google TV application has undergone a complete overhaul that will allow users to search for movies to add to their instant queue, browse through the Netflix library, and add to their DVD queue as well. The Netflix app that launched on Google TV was a disappointing program that let users watch only their already-set Instant Queue, which required viewers to visit in a browser if they wanted to add titles or find something new to watch. The new version providers better options for managing video lists and searching for new content.

There’s also a new way to search while watching TV. The Dual View mode that provides a picture-in-picture of live TV and a GTV app window can now be customized. So if you want to perform a Google search on a topic while watching TV, you can make the live TV window larger and move it to another area of the screen that doesn’t block important information. And when a user searches for a movie in the Google TV search bar, there’s now a Movies results page that crawls TV listings, Amazon VOD, Netflix, and more.

The update is rolling out in stages this week. An on-screen prompt will appear on your GTV device when the update is available.

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