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Gmail App Updated, Much Better Priority Inbox Support

December 9, 2010 | by Michael Heller

Android News


The Android Gmail app has just been updated, and is live in the Market.

2.3.2 brings:

  • Better Priority Inbox support
  • Send from any address set up with your Gmail account
  • Switch between reply, reply all and forward while you compose
  • Respond to messages inline
  • Bug Fixes

Although the options for sending from another address and switching between reply, reply all and forward are nice features, the big one here is the Priority Inbox support. Any Gmail user that gets more than about 30 emails a day can attest to how useful the Priority Inbox function has been in filtering out important messages from the rest. The update lets you configure Gmail to only give you a notification when an email hits your Priority Inbox, instead of giving a notification for everything. You can make the Priority Inbox your default inbox. And, there is finally a toggle in the menu to set a message as either Important or Not, so you can help train the Priority Inbox on the go.