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Gingerbread ROMs Already Made for Eris and Evo

December 7, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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HTC Droid Eris Gingerbread

It never takes the guys over at XDA very long, does it? First, we saw the Gingerbread keyboard pulled out and packaged for rooted phones. Now, we’re already getting Gingerbread ROMS coming out.

Keep in mind, these ROMs are very early stage. They are bound to be extremely unstable, buggy and have a lot of features that don’t work. But, if you’re the adventurous type and you have a Droid Eris, there is a working Gingerbread ROM available for you in the XDA Forums.

There is also a Gingerbread ROM listed for the HTC Evo, but right now it is quite clear to say that “This ROM is useless at the moment. Do not flash unless you are planning on developing.”

The XDA community has been known to be much faster than manufacturers at bringing updates, so these ROMs don’t surprise me in that respect. I am a bit surprised that the Droid Eris would be the handset first out of the gate. If anyone spots a Nexus One leak, let me know!

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