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Gingerbread launcher ported to Android 2.2 devices, now available in the Market

December 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Gingerbread launcher

Yesterday, most major Android blogs reported on the port of the Android 2.3 on-screen keyboard. It unfortunately turned out to be a bit unstable for some users, but the next ported app from Gingerbread is both more stable and easier to install: its Launcher.

The port is now available in the Market for Froyo devices thanks to Paul O’Brien – founder of the forum MoDaCo, and the Gingerbread launcher worked like a charm when I tried it on my HTC Desire.

It’s quite fast and smooth, but it doesn’t bring that much new to the table and LauncherPro users will likely see no reasons to switch. Still, it’s nice that we get to try out various elements of Gingerbread before getting our hands on the real deal. Scan the QR code below if you want to download the Android 2.3 launcher from the Market, and check out the gallery below to see it in action.

Via [Talk Android]