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Gingerbread Comes to the Nexus One… Unofficially… And without Google Apps

December 17, 2010 | by Michael Heller

Android News

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Normally, you would think it reasonable to assume that when a new version of the Android OS drops, it would come to the blessed Google phones first, and quickly. It seems the Nexus One doesn’t fall into either category any more. Even when the custom ROMs started to drop, the Nexus One wasn’t among the chosen few. Luckily, now that the Gingerbread source code is out, a wonderful developer named Chris Soyars has packaged a flashable zip for the Nexus One. Unfortunately, it is stock Gingerbread alone, no Google Apps, and currently, no camera support either.

I’m getting desperate, and calling *#*#checkin#*#* every half an hour, but I’m not desperate enough to flash this one. Any other Nexus One users feel free to give it a try, and tell me how it is. The ROM requires a custom recovery, and hboot 35.0017, and of course the ROM from Mr. Soyars.

Have fun!

[Chris Soyars] via Android Central