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Fuze Presence Bringing HD Conferences to Mobile Devices

December 2, 2010 | by Michael Heller

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Fuze Box Presence

Fuse Box is looking to get a jump on the competition by bringing cross-platform HD video conferencing to PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices with Fuze Presence. There are other cloud-based conference solutions including GoToMeeting, WebEx, and DimDim, but Fuse Box is aiming to go farther and create a truly cross-platform solution which will be able to bring HD conferencing to tablets, phones, laptops and desktops.

Fuze Presence seems to be a companion to Fuze Box’s current Fuze Meeting product. Fuze Meeting is more of a collaboration tool, and can support HD content, but doesn’t include video feeds for each participant. Fuze Presence will include both the HD workspace for presentations and video feeds for each participant. Fuze presence will use the standard H.246 codec to bring a 720p workspace, which will be able to support 8 participants at once who can communicate over VoIP. The workspace will be similar to the current Fuze Meeting space and include screen sharing, content sharing, and collaboration tools. Fuze Box is also striving for speed, and claims Presence will be able to bring this collaboration and HD video with under 200 ms latency.

On the new platform, Jeff Cavins, CEO of Fuze Box says, “Our strategy is based on two facts. First, the meeting room of the future will be a virtual one and something you can hold in your hands. Second, people will want more device choice, not less. We are browser, platform, device and network agnostic and whatever mobile or desktop device someone is considering purchasing, we’ll already be there”.

Being “device agnostic” is an admirable aim, but as always, execution is the most important part. Fuze Meeting has had a number of positive reviews from different sources, but many say the same thing: it needs camera support. So, Fuze Presence is bringing what the people want from their cloud conferencing solutio, and it will be available on all Android tablets.

Fuze Presence is due out sometime in 2011. For now, you can check out the website, or the demo video.

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