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Fring announces DVQ technology for video chat, allows for ‘on the fly’ quality fixes

December 6, 2010 | by Chris Smith

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Today fring, the company that has brought the fring IM and video conferencing app to both iPhone and the Android platform, announced their new, proprietary DVQ technology. DVQ stands for “dynamic video quality” and allows supported devices to dynamically adjust the video quality of video calls based on their network access speed and quality.

In a nutshell, fring’s DVQ technology adjusts video call quality based on your access to the network you are on, allowing the video quality to be the “best” that it can be for a given speed and quality. On the fring blog they show how video quality changes from a good 3G signal to a degradated on inside of an elevator. Instead of the call crapping out and dropping, fring adjusts video quality and keeps the call. This type of technology is definitely needed inside of the video calling market because of the poor data coverage in some places in the US.

Another one of the benifits of DVQ is that instead of the sound quality of the call being affected when the network degrades, the video is just tweaked to the right quality to make up for it. This allows users to keep a good sound quality, while video quality adjusts. Now all fring needs to do is license their technology to Netflix so my episodes of The Office aren’t adjusted every 5 seconds.

The DVQ quality is available now on both Android and iOS. Have at it video callers.

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