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doubleTwist and WinAmp both add wireless library sync for Android phones

December 1, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Synchronizing your music library between phone and computer typically means plugging in your Android phone, mounting into Disk Mode, and drag-and-dropping files to a folder or trying to sync a playlist. Two Android media players have updated to eliminate wires when users want to update their music libraries.

WinAmp was first to announce the latest version of its Android app and desktop media player that can be paired to sync files when both devices are on the same Wi-Fi network. WinAmp recently emerged from beta to include wireless sync, SHOUTcast Radio, widget players, iTunes library import, and Mobile Media Library for updating changes made on the phone or desktop. The app is free in the Android Market.

download WinAmp desktop // download WinAmp for Android

doubleTwist has countered with its own wireless sync solution called AirSync. Much like WinAmp, the latest versions of doubleTwist for Android, doubleTwist AirSync, and the doubleTwist desktop application can work together to wirelessly sync music libraries. AirSync is currently $0.99 and will remain at that price until doubleTwist sells 10,000 copies. At that point, the price will increase to $4.99. The doubleTwist Player app will remain free.

Download the doubleTwist desktop app // Download AirSync