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Android TV built from the ground-up? Vidtonic says, “Yes”

December 27, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google TV? That’s so 2010. A DIY Android-powered TV is the future for hardcore Android fans looking to bring Android to screens bigger than smartphones. And when I say “hardcore,” I mean it, because you’ll have to build the darn thing on your own.

Vidtonic announced today that it plans to unveil the HomeBrew IPTV Developer Kit at CES 2011. The Android-based kit brings a set of hardware components buyers must assemble on their own, and then code Android apps for television screens of varying sizes. Here’s what Vidtonic says users can expect in its HomeBrew kit:

  • A hardware/software platform kit designed for AndroidTM developers to bring their applications to the TV screen.
  • Includes television housing, cables, 1080p LCD panel in various sizes, power supply and a motherboard using an ARM/DSP microprocessor solution.
  • Allows enthusiasts to build their own television, powered by AndroidTM.
  • Gives developers the open platform they need to write their own made-for-TV AndroidTM powered applications.

According to Co-Founder Matt Miller, Vidtronic wants “to help popularize the idea that Android isn’t simply for smart phones and give developers the opportunity to create great things.”

Miller must not have been paying attention to the long list of tablets, home appliances, and, yes, televisions that already support that notion. But it will still be interesting to see what happens when a hack-friendly version of Android is available for TV rather than the consumer-driven model we’ve seen in Google TV.

People interested in a Vidtonic can catch the company at CES or visit its website and request more ordering information.

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