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Android Makes Up 80% of Verizon Smartphone Sales

December 10, 2010 | by Michael Heller

Android News


Analyst Matthew Goodmam at ITG Investment Research, has done a little digging and found that Android is responsible for 80% of smartphone sales at Verizon. Once you stop to think about it, this headline isn’t that much of a surprise considering that Verizon’s smartphone lineup is comprised of:

  • 3 Windows devices (none Win Phone 7)
  • 1 Palm device
  • 9 Blackberry devices
  • 17 Android devices

Android devices already make up 57% of Verizon devices. Considering Palm and non-Win Phone 7 devices get no advertising, that leaves Blackberry vs Android, and there are nearly twice as many Android devices to choose from. Blackberry is currently in limbo between OS 5 and 6, and Verizon is putting some major dollars into the Droid advertising campaign.

The really interesting stat from the piece is that as of October 2009, Blackberries made up 93% of Verizon’s smartphone sales. What a difference a year makes.

During their 4g announcement, Verizon took responsibility for making Android popular, but given Android’s popularity worldwide (which can’t be attributed to Verizon), maybe Google deserves a thank you for Verizon’s continued success.

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