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Android Apps Alert #43: Video Clips and Christmas Lights

December 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android Market is undergoing some small changes this week, but bigger changes will come to Android in the coming days. One thing that will not change is that we’ll be here to keep track of all the great apps that find their way into the Market. Each week, provides brief reviews of the best new, updated, or overlooked applications.

This week’s theme is Video Clips, Christmas Lights, and the Like. We have a few applications that show you how to edit video on your phone, embrace some holiday cheer with live wallpapers or games, and even travel home for the holidays with a new airline app. Let’s get to it!

Vid Trim

How funny is it that it took two years for Android users to be able to edit the videos that they film on their cell phones, yet we get two apps that offer that feature in the same week? We covered Snip Vid Trimmer earlier this week, but a free alternative that also can edit the videos shot on an Android phone emerged in Video Trim. Load a video, set start time, set end time, and you have a new video clip to upload or share.

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Dark Holiday ($1 CDN) // White Holiday ($0.99 USD)

Those of you who celebrate Christmas might be interested in one of these live wallpapers from MobiCartel. In each, you’ll find a Christmas tree with flickering bulbs and reindeer flying across the screen. Obviously, the “dark” theme is a less cherry version of the holidays, replacing gifts under the tree with weapons, broken, bottles, and skulls. Each wallpaper is 99 cents.

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Angry Birds Seasons

Rovio have mastered the art of hype. Not only are is the company generating $1 million per month with revenue from its blockbuster Angry Birds game, the Finnish game maker is also creating hype with a special edition game with a Christmas theme. Each day, a new level of holiday-themed Seasons opens up for you to smash the evil pigs, so download and play this while listening to the 12 Days of Christmas.

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Think it, list it, do it, check it off. That’s the premise of CheckItOff, a to-do list manager that can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Users can list tasks with details and add optional sub-tasks for project management. CheckItOff includes, tags, priorities, notes, and reminders. There’s also a good-looking suite of home screen widgets (2×2, 3×3, or 4×4). The app is almost perfect; almost because the only thing missing is a sync to the desktop. But anyone who simply needs a great task app on their Android should check out CheckItOff.

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I once had a boss who had a love jones for quotes, which meant I always had to insert a remark from someone noteworthy for each article or speech I ghostwrote. I really wish that 23,000 Quotes would have been around when I was still employed at that organization because they are all there. The app has the ability to search for quotes based on keyword, browse by authors, or discover quotes worth, well, quoting. You can also mark items as favorites and share with others via Facebook, Email, or your copy them to your clipboard.

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Wanna get away? Well, here’s an app for the airline that made that phrase famous with its special low fares promotions. Southwest Airlines has released an Android app for booking flights or reservation car rentals. Travelers can check their flight status or check-in directly from the app, browse schedules, and contact the airline if problems arise. Grab this app if you travel frequently on Southwest.

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Bowl Bound

Oregon will take on the Cam Newtons (aka Auburn) for the BCS National Championship, but there are plenty of other games going on this bowl season. This excellent app from ESPN has schedules and background information on each game, helping you keep up with each game. Find news, video, blog posts, and more in this app.

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