YouTube Remote controls Leanback through Android

November 9, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Google has release a new YouTube Remote application that makes it possible to watch Leanback videos on your phone. And because they recognize that handheld devices aren’t always the best screen to watch videos, Google and YouTube have included in the app the ability to control the Leanback screen through the phone.

YouTube Remote features a connect mode that can control Leanback on a laptop or Google TV. Once a user logs-in to YouTube on both their phone and computer or Google TV, pressing Menu > Connect will link the two devices. At the point, you’ll be able to view recommended video on the phone, queue up videos that you want to watch rather than the standard Leanback suggestions, and browse your subscription feeds and favorite channels to keep the entertainment going. Or you can simply use this app as a way to enjoy Leanback mode on your phone.

I’m a big fan of YouTube Leanback, evidenced by the recent review of Leanback for Google TV. I’m also not much for the Logitech keyboard, so having this will make it easier for me to rely on my phone as a remote when watching YouTube. Response time seems to be a hair slower than the keyboard, but not enough of a time difference to make me not want to use this app. I also would have preferred that these features be merged into the standard YouTube app, that’s just a minor grievance.

Only U.S. users will be able to access the app.

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