Youlu Address Book is my new favorite Dialer/Contacts app [App Reviews]

November 2, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Android calling app on both stock and tweaked user interfaces are usable, but Android device owners may find that Youlu Address Book, with its streamline design and quick access to common tasks, is a better way of connecting with others.

The design of Youlu has a mix of dark and light gray with red accents. Aside from giving a stripped-down feel that looks good, the interface features smart placement of common tasks like messaging or creating new contacts. The four tabs – Dialer, Call Log, Contacts, and Favorites – continue the theme of simplicity and add some small improvements to the stock dialer. For instance, when going to the Contacts tab, Youlu shows the most commonly dialed numbers. The Favorites tab features large pictures of contacts, and users have the option of rearranging where their contacts are positioned.

People with large contacts will be disappointed to know that Youlu doesn’t support syncing only a certain group of contacts, but it does have support for some great group functions. Youlu can display only one group, send mass text messages to groups, and batch add or remove names from the group. A home screen widget is also available that gives users immediate access to dial new numbers, read the call log, browse contacts, or view your favorites. Throw in the stable and speedy performance of Youlu, and this app ranks among the top class of contact/dialer replacement apps for Android.

Thanks to RMreborn for the tip!


  • Add or rearrange order of favorites
  • Batch group management or text message
  • Access contact tabs via home screen widget
  • Sort contacts by Frequency, Company Name, or Alphabetical order

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