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WiFi only Galaxy tab coming later than sooner, won’t see it until after the holidays

November 4, 2010 | by Chris Smith

Samsung, Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab

Talk about destroying some yule-tide cheer. We have been anxiously waiting for the release of the Samsung Galaxy Tab (that is if you are an Android fanboy/girl) and now that it is near we get some bad news. According to Best Buy, the WiFi only Samsung Galaxy Tab won’t be making it for the holidays. That means if you want your hands on this bad boy for Christmas, you are going to have to settle for the 3G version.

Now, before you get upset, there is more bad news. According to Android Life’s “sources” Verizon may actually require a data plan with the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy Tab, even if you buy it for the off-contract price of $599.99. This data package would be considered a month-by-month package and could be canceled after the initial sign-up, but it is still somewhat annoying. This comes from a line on the Best Buy flyer stating that the device “requires activation at the time of purchase” which suggests that data will be needed. Hopefully Verizon sees the error of their ways before the release, but with history as a cue, they probably won’t.

So, it looks like we are stuck with a $600 Tab for the holidays. Honestly, another $100 dollars for a 3G chip isn’t going to make or break the tab, yet the idea of a better known iPad for $100 less may.

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