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Wall Street Journal targets Android tablets with new app

November 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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The Wall Street Journal is among the first publications to release an Android app built specifically for tablets. The business-oriented media outlet announced that it has released the Wall Street Journal Tablet Edition for Android, an app that requires a $3.99 weekly subscription to access The Journal’s content.

WSJ Tablet Edition features all of the articles from the daily newspaper organized in a tablet-friendly format. The latest edition from the paper is automatically downloaded to the phone each day, so you’ll have all the news available for your morning coffee or daily commute as long as you don’t put your phone into airplane mode at night.

Current subscribers to the Wall Street Journal paper edition get free access to this app for a limited time. Afterwards, they will have to pay $3.99 per week just like everyone else. Some people may balk at paying that much to read the news, but The Journal appeals to an audience more likely to pony up to look beyond a paywall.

WSJ Tablet Edition requires Android 2.2 and a tablet. Do not try to install on a phone. Galaxy Tab or other compatible devices can download the app here.