Verizon V Cast Apps has no refund option, coming to Galaxy Tab next

November 5, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Anyone who is a Droid Incredible owner and interested in Verizon’s V Cast app store, we’ve got good news: it’s coming next week!

Verizon has confirmed that an over-the-air update is coming to the Incredible packing several features. The feature, or “enhancement” as Big Red likes to say, most-talked about will be the forced installation of V Cast Apps, Verizon’s proprietary app market set to debut on Android.

We’ve already explained why we think Verizon is doing this – more control for the company – and why we don’t support it – less control for the user. Now we have more info courtesy from a PCMag source.

1. It’s just an add-on – At the moment at least, this is just an add-on – not a replacement for the Market. The reason for that is obvious since the V Cast store launches with only “a few hundred apps” and not the 100,000-plus apps in the Android Market. Developers can be in either market. Of course, we knew all of this when Verizon first confirmed the store.

2. Carrier billing - Something we’ve always wanted but haven’t seen anywhere other than T-Mobile. This would be a smart move, but we have to wonder if those purchases will apply should the customer leave Verizon (probably not). Also worth noting: You break it, you bought it. There is no 24-hour refund policy.

3. Coming everywhere - The Galaxy Tab will be the next device to get V Cast Apps. The Droid, Droid X, and Fascinate are next in line to receive it, and V Cast will come pre-installed on most future Android devices.

via [PC Mag]