USA Today optimizes website for Google TV

November 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Google TV


Google TV has experienced a great deal of resistance from network television, but the web-meets-TV goal is at least playing out well in terms of news media. USA Today has made some changes to its iPad web app to make a version of that app specifically for Google TV.

While we experienced some problems with most text-heavy websites on GTV, the HTML5-powered USA Today shows only the bare essentials. The standard zoom feature (Function and + buttons on the Logitech Revue) makes reading full articles easy because the font reformats to take advantage of the large screen. Pressing the right or left buttons will navigate to the next or previous article.

The USA Today for Google TV web app also displays video very well in an on-screen pop-up, so you can see clips from news conferences or other video related to the article. Readers will also be happy to know that there are photo galleries on the home page that give snapshots of the day with captions.

Visit from your Google TV device to see the website for yourself. Visit USAToday on the desktop for more information on what went into creating the web app and what kind of information it features.