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UI experts The Astonishing Tribe release 3 new live wallpapers

November 12, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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I hate The Astonishing Tribe as much as I love them, but only because the band of Swedish designers and programmers keep showing off cool things that we never actually get to see. For once, they’ve changed course and released a group of new live wallpapers available in the Android Market right now.

You may recognize The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) as the people who helped create the original Android interface, several amazing UI concepts, and teased us many times with cool things set to appear “some time next year” in some unnamed phones.

We don’t have to wait for these three free wallpapers. Artemia is a purple wallpaper with floating images I’d best describe as alien Jellyfish and bubbles. Tapping on one will make it jump up. Blue Range has a community of mountains and animals, and some moving parts. Retro Pixels is a flashback to 8-bit gaming; it changes depending on the time of day, flowers bloom when an SMS is received, and there are four “hidden secrets” not listed.

Take a look at this video that gives a very brief glimpse at these wallpapers.

via AndroidGuys

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