T-Mobile Even More Plus Not Dead, Just Not Online

November 17, 2010 | by Michael Heller


t-mobile logo

One Sunday, word spread around the Interwebs that T-Mobile had removed the non-contract Even More Plus plans from their online store as well as authorized online retailers like Amazon and Best Buy. This caused a small wave of panic in those of us who love the option to not be locked into a contract. Not to fear though, T-Mobile has confirmed that the non-contract plans are still alive and well… for now, but they will not be available online. The plan will only be available in-store, on the phone, or at “select retailers”.

T-Mobile said this move was an effort to “simplify and streamline our customers’ online purchase experience”. It is possible that the added options and lack of phone subsidies were confusing, and T-Mobile wanted to be able to fully explain the options to potential customers, which is easier to do in-store or on the phone. But, it is also very possible that customers were leaving T-Mobile too easily when not locked into a contract.

I certainly want to see the non-contract plans stick around. Phone hardware is moving too fast these days to get stuck in a two year deal.