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SoundHound to be preloaded on HTC’s Android devices

November 4, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

HTC, Multimedia


Yesterday’s winner of a music discovery edition of Droid vs Droid, SoundHound, has announced that it has commenced a partnership with HTC that entails that SoundHound will come pre-installed on future HTC Android phones. The Desire HD and Desire Z will be the first two devices to get SoundHound as a preloaded application, and more will follow.

SoundHound is one of those apps that have a pretty high wow-factor the first time you use them. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it yet – just like its main competitor Shazam, it lets you identify music tracks, view their lyrics and buy them. You can learn more about the artist in question, check out similar artists and even watch the corresponding music videos on YouTube.  In other words: let SoundHound listen to a song you hear on the radio or the TV, and it will not only tell you the name of it, but within a minute you can also watch the song’s video and own the track.

According to HTC, additional phones will soon be supported, but if the deal includes all current HTC Androids or just upcoming devices is yet unclear. Hopefully it’s the full version of SoundHound that’s going to be bundled, or the exercise will be much less attractive from a user’s perspective since the limited edition of SoundHound’s already available for free in the Market.

Via [Talk Android]