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Sony Ericsson promises limited multitouch for XPERIA X10 next year

November 17, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Sony Mobile


Sony Ericsson has always said that multitouch, or more specifically pinch-to-zoom, would not be supported on its Xperia X10 phone. “It’s a hardware issue,” a rep from the company said, claiming there was nothing that could be done to address the issue.

So why is it that I wake up this morning to see that the Sony Ericsson blog is now promising that the Xperia X10 will have multitouch when it delivers the next software update in Q1 2011?

A member from the SE Product Launch blog revealed that there is ongoing work to get the X10 up-to-speed with other phones capable of employing pinch-to-zoom. Hardware “issues” be damned, SE engineers have re-tooled the X10′s driver and firmware to enable limited support for multitouch gestures like pinch-to-zoom. There will be problems that prevent the X10 from being as fluid as other phones, but zoom in browser or maps will be possible.

I personally feel that pinch zoom is one of the most overrated features in mobile technology, but it has become almost a standard that smartphone buyers expect to see in their phones. The real value in having better multitouch support is in gaming, but according to the SE blog, users should not expect to have that feature. This is only for gestures rather than being able to simultaneously press two buttons on screen.

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