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Sony Ericsson LiveView now available in France and the UK

November 12, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Sony Ericsson LiveView

In late September, Sony Ericsson introduced a new neat Android accessory to the world: LiveView. It looks similar to a big, digital wrist-watch, and acts as a second display for your phone. Via Bluetooth, LiveView can show instant notifications for SMS and incoming calls, and it can also provide you with Facebook and Twitter updates, calendar reminders and RSS feeds.

The little gizmo may also be used as a remote control for your music app, and since the functionality of it can be extended with compatible third-party apps, LiveView shows promise.

Not many LiveView reviews are out yet, but if you live in France or the UK and want to grab one – now you can. In the UK, you can get the accessory from Amazon and SuperETrader-UK for £55.99. In France, LiveView is sold by The Phone House for €59,00.

Via [EuroDroid]