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Samsung Continuum product guide reveals more info on Ticker screen

November 8, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



The Samsung Continuum is expected to make its official debut at a launch event tonight, but the product guide was posted to Verizon’s website a wee bit early. We we just spotted a couple of screens that tell us more about the Continuum’s “Ticker Display” at the bottom of the phone.

The Ticker Display is a secondary screen on the Continuum that acts as a more prominent notifications tab. It shows incoming calls, messages, and can be set to provide updates for news or social streams. According to the product guide, the Ticker shows Date, Time, and Weather when in Standby mode; it shows RSS, Email, SMS/MMS messages, IM, and missed calls when in Notification mode.

Clicking on a link opens Ticker History to view all notifications or filters them according to social networks, RSS, or call/communication activities.

The Ticker is “independent of the main display,” meaning you can view certain notifications without leaving your current activity. For instance, you can listen to music while browsing the web and control playback through the Ticker rather than going to the music player. The Samsung Fascinate includes this feature in the standard notification area, but Samsung has made that control available in the Ticker as well. It also supports answering phone calls, checking scores, and reading VZ Navigator.

Important notes:

  • The Ticker is customizable, so users can add pre-loaded RSS feeds like ESPN or their own personal preferences, like
  • Users can have a different ringtone appear for notifications in the Ticker.
  • The Ticker doesn’t stay on all the time. Users can set the duration for being on and there’s an optional “Activate Grip” sensor that will turn on the Ticker when the phone is held near the bottom.

PDF Guide (spotted via PhoneArena)