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Rumor: More geeky hidden secrets in Notion Ink’s new Adam page, binary points to a December 9th release?

November 24, 2010 | by Chris Smith


Notion Ink Adam coming December 9th?

We reported a couple of days ago on the new look of Notion Ink’s Adam launch page and how the developers and designers deemed it necessary to hide some interesting things in code. Today it looks like there may be something else of note hidden with in that beautiful tablet’s homepage.

According to a Talk Android tipster, the binary numbers in the top right of the Adam’s page have been changing since it’s launch. The day it launched (Monday), the numbers read 10001 which is binary for 17. Today the numbers read 1111 which is binary for 15. One can extrapolate this and come up with a nifty rumor that it is a countdown to an announcement or release date. If that’s the case, then something on December 9th will be announced. Unless these guys are extremely geeky and counting 0 as a day which would push this to the 10th.

Either way it will be interesting to see if the binary changes tomorrow to 14. It seems like something these nefarious Notion Ink devs would do so the logic is pretty sound. Here is the next part though; there is a hexadecimal number underneath the binary one. Not exactly sure if it means anything or if they are trying to throw us off the trail, but it may be something to look into.

Anyways, it’s looking like we are going to see something pretty soon with the Adam; definitely something to bring you some holiday cheer.

Via [Talk Android]

Notion Ink Adam coming December 9th?