Revision3 brings tech news videos to your Android phone

November 30, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

Android App Reviews, Entertainment, Multimedia


Your Android phone is now totally rad because Revision3 has brought the Totally Rad Show – and its stable of other web TV shows – to Android devices. The official Revision 3 app has trickled into the Android Market and is showcasing the online network’s content direct to your mobile phone in a nice little package.

Revision3 provides the most basic set-up one could expect when one just wants to know what’s going on in the world of gaming, film, mobile apps, tech news, comic books, or whatever other topic they follow on this network. While one module rotates featured content, another allows users to side-scroll through a list of all the shows on the network. There’s also the more traditional way of browsing a list of the latest episode uploaded to the site or browsing through a list of shows.

You’ll be pleased once you find something to watch. The Revision3 app is great when on a stable connection, streaming decent quality video and seamlessly skipping forward or backward at the user’s desire. Each show has a summary that briefly describes the content of the video, segments (when applicable), and the ability to read comments posted by users. I’ve yet to discover a way to add comments, which is almost as disappointing as the inability to mark shows as favorite. However, that’s a minor gripe that anyone who loves Revision3 will quickly overlook now that they can access the show through this app.

Install this app


  • Watch Revision3 shows
  • Get summary, show lists, or episode lists


  • Doesn’t resume playback when interrupted
  • Lacks episode bookmark or marking shows as favorites

App: Revision3
Price: FREE