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Pulse News Reader now free

November 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



If you were intrigued by Pulse News Reader but didn’t pull the trigger on the once $1.99 app, put your wallet away because it is now available for free.

Pulse announced today that it has shifted business models and decided to make the app free on all platforms, including Android. The app previously cost $0.99 but is now open to all because it wants to build its user base and monetize the service in other ways. Akshay Kothari, CEO of the Alphonso Labs company that develops Pulse, explained the switch saying,

“We would like to thank our early users, who have given us both time and money to help build the product to this stage. They have given us resources to build a company dedicated to improving their news reading experience. As reflected in its reviews and ratings, Pulse News has come a long way from its initial launch, and is hugely popular with users. Making the app free will enable more of user’s friends to join Pulse thereby improving discovery of interesting content via traditional and social channels.”

Pulse is a news reader for Android previously covered on It shows articles imported from RSS feeds or links shared from Facebook, and then displays them as side-scrolling panels with headlines and thumbnails. Download it from the Android Market for free. It may take a few more minutes for the price listing to refresh but it should be free.