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Opera Mobile 10.1 beta now available

November 9, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Opera Mobile for Android

True to its word, Opera has now released its Opera Mobile 10.1 web browser in the Market. The browser is still in beta, and features pinch-to-zoom, speed dials, Opera Turbo that saves data, as well as hardware acceleration that according to the Norwegian company gives the app “lightning speed”. The browser can also sync bookmarks with the desktop client. Opera Mobile supports all current versions of Android and can be downloaded from the Market or

The reactions in the Market to Opera Mobile have been mixed so far. It seems that some people aren’t even able to start the browser, and other complaints include the unusually large  size  (13.6 MB when installed to the SD), as well as slow and sluggish performance. But remember, this is a free app that’s still in beta, and it’s bound to eventually get better.

Will anyone use Opera Mobile as the default Android browser? What’s good and what needs to be improved?

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