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Nexus S spy shots and plenty of supporting evidence pop up

November 11, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Okay, folks. Put your skeptics hats on and pray that it’s not a trick, but it seems the Nexus S or Nexus Two is very real (again, these are just nicknames applied by writers/tipsters, not the official title).

Chris Ziegler over at Engadget just got a photo from someone showing a device purported to be the Nexus S. “That’s just a blank screen,” you say. “That proves nothing!” You’re absolutely right, but let’s look at some other corroborating things that have come out today that may change your opinion.

1. Best Buy very briefly put up a teaser page for a device known as the Nexus S, supposedly headed for T-Mobile. It was promptly taken down.

2. Searching for the Nexus S (NS) on Flickr and Picasa showed some devices with EXIF data showing GT-i9020. (EXIF is internal data stored inside photos that typically reveal what camera was used to take a photo). Most of the photos are taken by Google employees, who typically “dog food” and test products for weeks before release, or people closely connected to Google.

4. Engadget points out that Wi-Fi and FCC filings for an i9020 are tied to Samsung and likely have bands compatible with T-Mobile.

5. A Best Buy in-store ad has a rendered image that not only looks just like the device pictured below, it also has the hints of green that are supposed to trickle in to Android 2.3 UI changes.

6. And if you need more proof, don’t forget to check out more at the source link. There’s a Google logo on the back of that phone.

All of this is starting to stack up pretty well with the theory that Samsung built a stock Android 2.3 phone for Google that will be sold in Best Buy. The only thing left to ask now is price and date. Oh, and why did they get lazy and label this the i9020 instead of the i90210? I would have loved to see the horrible Beverly Hills references people would have made.