NetFront Life Screen rotates your home screen [App Reviews]

November 29, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Need a new home screen replacement app for your Android device? There are the obvious names like ADW Launcher, Launcher Pro Plus, and Open Home, but you may want something completely different from what you have previously seen. In that case, check NetFront Life to see if it provides something different.

NetFront Life Screen shows a carousel that goes to your most important screens. Move the slider to the Facebook or Twitter icon and status updates from your friends on the corresponding network will appear. The same happens when browsing call logs, contacts, or calendar tile. Users can then scroll vertically to see more updates, entries, or calls.

The app is new and needs some speed improvements in loading content on the carousel. The lag is short but noticeable and will need to be addressed if it’s ever to become your primary home screen. It would also be nicer if NetFront scrolled through the app drawer rather than flipping through a cube of apps. As disappointing as these features may be, this free app has some promise and is worth checking out.

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  • Carousel between apps, contacts, and social networks
  • Home screen replacement application


  • Has problems with lag
  • Not many options for customizing experience
  • Some widgets do not display correctly

App: NetFront Life Scanner

Price: Free