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Must.Eat.Birds Android game now available

November 24, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Popular iPhone game Must.Eat.Birds has taken the first step toward becoming popular Android game Must.Eat.Birds. The $0.99 game from Mediatonic is now available to Android devices running 2.1 or higher of the OS.

Must.Eat.Birds is a game in which players assume the role of a monster minding his business at a nice picnic. But just as he sets out his food, birds and bombs make a play for his treats. Players must then use a slingshot to shoot down these birds and prevent them from eating the treats. The aim is to last as long as possible and earn points for protecting your spread; performance can then be compared with others thanks to OpenFeint integration.

Android users can start playing by downloading from the Android Market. I’m currently experiencing some problems downloading apps from the Market and am unable to provide any hands-on perspectives. However, you can get a basic idea of gameplay by watching this trailer from Mediatonic.