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Is HTC working on its own app market?

November 8, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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The Financial Times is reporting today that HTC is hiring staff in order to prepare for the launch of a potential app market that would sell apps and e-books – all according to a couple of insiders that are familiar with HTC’s plans.

The cloud service, currently only officially supported by the Desire HD and Desire Z, might have been the first step in the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer’s move to create its very own application store. Engadget points out that the HTC Hub section of the website already serves as an app discovery tool, and adding the option to buy apps as well seems fairly logical.

It’s starting to get hard to keep track of all these new rumored and announced application markets: Verizon V Cast, Amazon, Best Buy, Acer… Do you believe we need them all, and who will announce one next?

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