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Hustler Android app is very un-Hustler like

November 10, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka

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Adult entertainment distributor HUSTLER has released its official Android app. Though the magazine is known for having plenty of nudity, there doesn’t seem to be any in the relatively sanitized $2.99 app.

I just downloaded HUSTLER – for the articles, I swear! – and all of the photo galleries and videos that I scanned strictly for research purposes have women that are in bikinis or lingerie. There is no full nudity in the app, which is most likely necessary to not violate Google’s condition that apps containing adult material are not allowed in the Android Market. Several “Sexy Lady” apps violate those conditions without impunity, but it would be tougher for a major brand like Hustler to break those rules and remain under the radar.

The Hustler app has the following features:

  • All Stars – non-nude photos and video of some of Hustler’s most famous models
  • Jokes – a collection of short-story jokes
  • Cartoons – political and adult-themed comics
  • Magazine – thumbnails of past covers (that cannot be opened).

I’m having trouble locating an install link or QR code for the app, but search “Hustler” in the Android Market and it will come up.