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Google Sky Map updated to v1.6, now includes Time Travel and Multi-Touch

November 18, 2010 | by Lars Aronsson

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Google Skymap

Sky Map, which you probably already have heard of, is an app from Google that lets you identify, browse and discover stars, planets and constellations. By pointing your phone to space, Sky Map displays a star map using your phone’s orientation sensors.

The app just got updated to version 1.6, and the new release includes a feature that Google likes to call Time Travel: it lets you “travel through time” and watch the sky as it will look in the future, or as it looked in the past. The latest Sky Map also allows you to accelerate time to view conjunctions and eclipses.

Another major addition is multitouch support: you can now zoom in and out and rotate the display using the traditional method of pinching the screen. Head to the Market to update Sky Map, or install it via the link below if it isn’t already in your app drawer.

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