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Google Eric Schmidt all but confirms Nexus S at Web 2.0 summit

November 15, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



Google CEO Eric Schmidt teased the next Android phone on everyone’s mind at today’s Web 2.0 Summit. As Schmidt showed off an “unannounced device” that he declined to name, a camera man zoomed in and showed a device that looks exactly like the Nexus S that was leaked last week.

Schmidt coyly showed the Nexus S and pointed out that the back of the image had been taped over to hide something available, which most likely explains why the back of the images leaked to Engadget last week appeared to be Photoshopped. When the Nexus One was leaked last December, the back of the phone was covered because it contained a QR code that revealed information Google was not prepared to share.

Doubters can now settle down and face reality. More data about this phone is sure to emerge within the next month based on the path we saw during the Nexus One leak saga (and practically every other device released in the past two years).

Schmidt also shared the following insights:

  • The Nexus S held by Schmidt is clearly tied to T-Mobile.
  • Phones will have mobile payment options soon, something we’ve always known. It appears that Google will work with delivering multiple payment options, including Google Checkout, via technologies like NFC chips.

Image credit to Engadget via Zapote21