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Google adds “Recent Changes” to Android Market listings

November 3, 2010 | by Andrew Kameka



It appears as though Google has added a change log of sorts to Android Market listings. We just heard from ActionComplete developer Borys Burnayev that when he went to update his app in the Android Market, a new section appeared asking what changes he made to the app. Once Burnayev entered the information to the “Recent Changes” section, the same text appeared in the Android Market.

Did Google just deliver a change log option to the Android Market? Market listings permit a maximum of 325 characters, which developers often use to describe their apps. Because space is at a premium, developers often make short mention of what has changed or simply link to their website to explain what’s new in each app.

“Recent Changes” provides a better alternative to give developers a chance to explain how they have altered their app – in 325 characters max – and let consumers better decide if they want to download the app. ActionComplete is the first app I’ve seen take advantage of this feature, and I hope to see many more.

UPDATE: Via another friend, here’s Google’s explanation.

Recent changes are linked to each app version, so with each update, you must submit items to the recent changes field. We recommend that each recent changes update is specific to the app version; previous changes will not be displayed to the user at this time, but may be visible in the future. Furthermore, the recent changes field (unlike the app description) have no impact on the search index, i.e. it will not impact the search results for your app.

Thanks, Borys!

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